Why do girls like to show her feeling publicly?

Why do girls like to show her feeling publicly? And why boys don’t?



Maybe the statement above is not a general statement, but lately I’ve often found this situation (because of my stalking hobby of course, lol):

Girls show their feeling to their lover in public way (like in facebook, they write status about their love story; they wall their lover with hot sentences, such as baby, I love you, honey, and so on; they write love poem to their lover and tag some people include their boy; etc), and poor girls.. boys don’t do the same things.

Maybe boys are to shy to do that ‘silly’ things or maybe boys think they don’t have to show their feeling publicly because it’s not worth to do, the most important thing for boys is they have a deep love for their lover.

*Gedung S, 19 Februari 2010


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