Campus Madness in Summer 2011

There’re 3 important things related to my college life which were happened this summer holiday:

First, the Judgement Day of my seminar that was held on 30th May. The examiner of mine was Doctor who’s also the Dean of my study program. The other was Professor in my study program. My theme is Biofilter. Well, I don’t wanna talk much about it, just two words: “Alhamdulillah yah..” (say it with Sy*hrini’s style) :p

Second, my On the Job Training (OJT) or in bahasa it’s known as Kerja Praktek. It was held on 4th July till 3rd August. I was in charge at Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of PT Abbott Indonesia with two of my study program friends, Chiya and Fiza. We did some simulation of that plant with Superpro Desaigner (we got this software from our lecturer, a student only version, it costs quite expensive for public, only few people who’ve already used this software in Indonesia, proud being a UI student! :D), analyzed it, and gave some suggestion that could optimize the plant. We also learned about production processes of pharmaceutical products in that industry, arrangement of warehouse, and many things about quality control (QC) division. Are we paid? Yes, with sooo muuuccchhh delicious snack and lunch! Wooohooo! :p

Third, this is the best, the Excursion of my study program on 6th till 8th June! We visited several industries in Jakarta (Indofood and Cocacola) and Singapore! What? Singapore? YA, SINGAPORE cup cup muah!!! *can’t stop yelling, AAUUUMMM xD, eh roaring! :p*
Okay, I really REALLY wanna told you about my Singapore experience with Teknologi Bioproses Universitas Indonesia students batch 2008 (we’re first generation!). Ready? Here we go!

1st day.
We went to Singapore City Gallery, an artistic place which contains of many architectural building design (in scale model) and also city development history in Spore. For Architecture student, I recommend you to visit this site!

On The Way

inside Singapore City Gallery

ouside Singapore City Gallery

Then, we traveled Bugis and around it. I, Chiya, Indri, Mei, Ira, Darul, Aziz, and Kenny went to Arab Street for buying some merchandises. Then, we went to Masjid Sultan to do our afternoon prayer.

in front of Masjid Sultan

After that, we went to Little India for dinner, I also planned to meet my friend, Ridwan, who’s study in Spore, at MRT Station – Little India, and yeah we met (finally! :p). We had dinner in Indian Restaurant. Then, we went to Mustafa Centre buying some chocolates. After that, I, Chiya, and Indri continued our journey to Singapore River Area (the others are too tired and sleepy to continue walking), with Ridwan accompanied us. It’s perfect night! Everything there seemed totally pretty (read: in my eyes)!!! We laughed. We pictured stupid face and pose. We walked till our feet collapsed. We talked many random things. From the last Harry Potter movie which was rumored wouldn’t be played in Indonesia cinema, until Ridwan’s skip-class-habbit history of Singapore River Area. From arguing whether the main character in 5cm per Second is moving on or not, until punishment due to eating in MRT (I ate a candy honestly :p). And much more! We back to our hostel at Geylang (surprised?) about 00.00 by the last MRT, then Ridwan went back to NTU by night bus with my last message: “Be careful of being catched by Geylang women”, LOL! xD

in front of Esplanade

in front of Marina Bay Sands (skypark and casino)

in front of Merlion

Somehere at MRT Station in Singapore

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the key, so we’re locked outside. D*mn! We knocked the door, called people inside but no one answer (slept already?). Because we’re smart enough so we decided to go to boy’s room. Alhamdulillah they’re still awake, Yippie! Then, we slept in boy’s room till morning. You wish? Hell NO! Hahaha. We asked Darul to tell Mitha (they’d just tweeted) to open the door. Waiting for Mitha’s response, we took a rest while answering boys’ questions about our journey and my friend who accompanied us, KEPO detected, wkwk. Then, Mitha responded, we backed to our room, and Indri whom arrived first was being “lectured” by our Madam Hostel because we’re knocked too loud before which could disturb others (so why didn’t you just open the door for us if you heard, Ma’am?!). Well, it’s crazy night that hard to forget I guess xD

2nd day.
The excursion was started. We went to BTI, such a great place for Bioprocess/Biotechnology scientist. They explained some of their products and processes how to produce them which we already learned some in college, such as principle of scaling up in a bioreactor and parameters that we must handle, bioseparation process, and instrumentation for quality control. Wondering if I could work in such awesome place someday, hahaha 😀

at BTI (Bioprocessing Technology Institute)

at Biopolis Way

After that, we went to Singapore Moslem Food for lunch, the Ice Jelly Peach was totally SLUUURPP, yummy! It costs SGD 2 / bowl, and I bought it together with Chiya and Indri, wkwk! Then, we went to Masjid Al Mukminin that we found on our way to SFI. In SFI, we’re allowed to see its production process directly, but we must use shoes and head cover also wash our hand before we entered production room. Cool place! We could see the controlling device (Oh, it reminded me of Process Control class which I’ve been saved by Open and Close loop also Root Locus theory hihihi) and the super Autoclave, big enough for heating 10 people to sauna bath inside, LOL!

Singapore Food Industries

We continued to go to Singapore Botanic Gardens, but some of us were astrayed, including me! Instead, we travelled along Orchard Road. Some girls were choosing to shopping due to Singapore Big Sale. But I, Chiya, Indri prefered to entertain our tummies by buying McD ice creams which offered unique tastes that are not sold in Indonesia, hahaha. And we met boys (Darul, Dimas, David, Iqbal, Nirwanto, and Rainer) and Ira. We decided to follow them because we had no choice (again, we didn’t bring key, and we assumed all people were still outside hostel). We took some pictures on Orchard, went to Lucky Plaza (I bought a Phasmina for SGD 5, so cheap! :p), then we accompanied boys to Bugis, but I and other girls prefered to wait at KFC in Bugis Junction, and had dinner there, too tired! Then, we went back to Hostel, still no girls arrived, so AGAIN, I, Indri, Chiya, minus Ira (vanished?) went to boys room, waiting for the key, massaging feet, and gossiping, hahaha.. yeah boys love gossiping too! You know it, don’t you? :p

at Orchard Road (zoom out)

at Orchard Road (zoom in)

3rd day.
I, Chiya, Indri, Desi, Prima, and some boys (Aziz, Khotib, David, Iqbal, Dimas, Agung, Radit, Rinus, Yongki, Chandra, Kenny, and Hadi) went to Singapore River Area before our schedule to go to Science Park at 10 a.m started. It’s HOT! I prefered to go there at night like I did at the first night in Spore ;D

in front of Marina Bay Sands (noon version)

Me with Merlion (Hot Spore, Black Me!!)

We met the others at bus stopping place in front of Science Centre. It looks like PP IPTEK TMII in Indonesia, but greater. Poor me, I couldn’t explore all spots because of my sole of feet were still painful to walk much due to madly walking from the 1st day. One of geek tools that I played was device which could predict our face from baby till adult by taking our photo now, hahaha my face looked so odd (or more odd? Wkwk). Then, we had lunch at McD in Science Centre and went to Abbott Singapore by bus that we rent.

Queueing for Science Park Ticket

Abbott Singapore is awesome, it’s super duper BIG, and it has many cute interior design inside. Different from Abbott Indonesia which produces pharmaceutical products, Abbott Singapore produces nutrition products. I asked many things to Jacqui (Abbott representative) about process production there while we’re watching its plant from window (yup, we can’t observe it directly but Jacqui explanation was clear enough).

Giant Blue Butterflies in Abbott Singapore

Abbott Singapore

Then, we went back to Hostel, did our afternoon prayer, did some exchanging gift. I got a gift from Monika, a dolphin doll that could be attached on mirror or anything made by glass, also a pair of cellphone chain, boy and girl shaped that actually connected but could be separated, this kind of thing is usually used by couple. Well, I guess I’ll use the boy and give the girl to my husband later (whom I still don’t know who – it is not GALAU ya! Wkwk), it must be cute! xD

After that, we went to airport, changed some money from SGD to IDR (backsong: Aku Cinta Rupiah by Cindy Cenora), bought some merchandises, then girls and boys were interviewed me (WHAT?!) about the spreading rumor (It’s secret! Sorry :p) while we’re waiting for the plane. Bye Spore! Bye Changi! Thank you for greatest adventure, thank you for a “cute tricky destiny” that I’ve been waiting so long, whether destiny meet us again or not, I’d been sooo thankful, but I wish it will.. (backsong: Enchanted by Taylor Swift, Somewhere in Brooklyn by Bruno Mars – let me changed Brooklyn with Singapore btw :p)

Singapore Stuffs in My Wallet

Picture above consist of things about Spore that so far still I spent in my wallet, such as MRT card that I didn’t refund, Science Centre ticket, Money Changer bill, SGD 2, a 50 cent, two of 20 cents, a 10 cent, and the BEST one is Mustafa’s chocolate bill, reason? Just guess lah! ;D

Memorable Chocolate Bill from Mustafa Centre

Home, 09/08/2011
Nindya Sani W


5 thoughts on “Campus Madness in Summer 2011

  1. What a summer you had there!!!
    Reading your journal is mincing my stomach.
    Nice post you got here.
    Just, merely, if not a must, make your environment a better place with your remarkable experience.

  2. tumben pake English.. gw komen pake English jg deh haha

    “From arguing whether the main character in 5cm per Second is moving on or not, until punishment due to eating in MRT (I ate a candy honestly :p).”
    you mean you ate candy in the MRT and got punished? got punished how?

    “We back to our hostel at Geylang (surprised?) …… “Be careful of being catched by Geylang women”, LOL! xD”
    what does this mean? haha

    • haha, ya I ate candy honestly but the sensor didn’t notice that, Ridwan said that it’s acceptable for tourist (eating ‘just’ a candy?) and won’t be punished.
      you don’t know “geylang”, you’re kidding me, aren’t you? just ask google, sist. it’s 11:12 with Doli in Surabaya, ever heard, eh? 😀

      • ooh I see.. well I ain’t kidding anyone, how would I know? I’ve never been to Singapore! hahaha
        but the part “Be careful of being catched by Geylang women” rather makes me think as if you might be caught by transvestite, LOL

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