Dream High

Below is english translation of Dream High OST lyrics titled Dream High
actually I haven’t seriously finished watching its drama,
but… everytime I hear this song, it make me feel blast, make me remember my teenager’s day which full of dreams!! and although I know I’m not teen anymore (so what?!), by hearing this song I feel stronger (is it the proper word?), it give me spirit to continue catching my dreams! 😀

never give up on your dream, no matter how small or big it is, achieve it!

so, for whoever who create this lyrics and melody, thank you so much!

Dream High

*Dream High*
I dream High I have a Dream
when it gets hard, I close my eyes
while replaying the moment my dream come true, I get up
I shake in the face of fear today as well like a young bird who’s afraid to fly in fear of falling down
I keep asking whether I can do this, whether my dreams can come true
whenever I make a step by step, the fear comes back

I can fly high
I believe that one day into that sky that I will spread my wings and fly up higher than anyone before
I need courage to help me get up
the courage which would make me jump again after brushing the dust off
Believing in myself and in my destiny once again
Risking everything I will jump over the wall higher than myself

Dream high a chance to fly high
from now to all the pain bye bye
try and fly as high as those stars in the sky
watch your dreams to unfold for you to shine
it’s the start gotta make them mine
don’t be afraid of building your own future
walk on confidently with all your might

destiny is your fate, unstoppable destiny
now it’s spreading in front of us
this is a whole new fantasy for you
so just take my hand, our goal now is the same
don’t give up on your dreams and future
everyone with a youthful passion dream high


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