Last Term!

Well, long time no writing in this blog, template has changed so easy to use like Tumblr ya, nice 😉

There are so many things happened on my last term, and let me review some memorable moments! 😀

Start from my birthday on April 20th, I got several presents from my friend, cute!


Continue to my final year project presentation session after finishing such a “hilarious” research haha! xD


Surprisingly, a week after that I got wedding invitation from one of my best friend in Chemical Engineering Department 2008…


But sadly I couldn’t come on that special day due to a duty to attend conference on Lombok with two of my friends in Bioprocess Technology UI batch 2008 😥

Not that sad honestly, because I could play in sooo pretty Gili-Trawangan island, plus could come on the 2nd part of the wedding day next week haha, Thanks to Allah 🙂


Moment after that was creating some quality time with my friends, remembering that was the last term we could spent the time together before we continue our own journey…



Last but not least is my graduation day, Alhamdulillah! bunch of thanks for everyone for making one of my dreams comes true 🙂

Below is pic of flowers I got from family, friends, junior, senior, also organization I joined :p


And special thanks for the last person who came on that day :’)

udah ah, belajar belajaaar! xD


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